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Click To Enlarge 'Chips' When it did come, the call was so soft that the young dog could only catch teasing snatches. The slightest sigh. A whisper whipped away by the wind, a broken cry. But it was there, steadily slicing through the night. It grew upon him, clinging, stronger with every moment, making him sit up straight. It made him stand. It made him pace. And in the end it made him turn and face the fence. Against the grubby night he could just make out the cat’s dark form on the top of the fence, waiting for him. Without hesitation Chips mustered every muscle in his body and leapt into the night.

This is the tale of Chips, son of Spud. It takes up the story where Spud finished. But this time the setting is the city, not the country. Different worlds. Different rules. But every bit as dangerous.

When Kylie and her mother left the farm, taking Spud and her strange pup with them, they decided to start a new life in the city. Everything went well for a while. But then Chips grew . . .

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