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Pup is the third book in the Spud series. I didn’t think I’d write a sequel to Spud. But I did, and when I finished Chips, I knew that I had to write Pup’s story.

Pup is the only dog left on the farm when Kylie and her mother leave, taking Spud and Chips with them. He is very lonely. Worse still, he alone now has to bear the full weight of Jim Morton’s anger and cruelty.

The kelpie had once been a happy, energetic, fun-loving work-dog. But his love of life is being slowly beaten out of him by the man who shouts and screams. The young dog simply must escape if he is to survive.

He does escape, and embarks on a whole new life with a young boy called Jack.

In this book, I’ve tried to tell the story of a strong friendship between a boy and a dog. There are shades of my own childhood here, and in Pup there are bits and pieces of canine characters I’ve known, especially one.

I hope you enjoy this tale.

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