Haunted Australia

 'Click To Enlarge' Sometimes they actually appear to people, clear as day-and even speak with them. Other times they are no more than the curtains moving, a chill in the room, muffled footsteps, a tingle down the spine, strange noises in the night. We are not alone-spirits from the Other Side may well be amongst us.
Ghosts, spirits, spectres, spooks, apparitions, ghouls, banshees, Quinkans, feather-foots, poltergeists and doppelgangers. They come with a host of different names. But if you ever actually meet one, what you call it will be the last thing on your mind. For they are out there, spooxperts insist, hovering at the edge of our world. Sometimes they enter, and change our lives forever.
This book is a collection of true ghost stories from around Australia, encounters that ordinary people like you and I have had with spirits from the Other Side. They are not fiction. I haven’t invented them. I’ve simply recorded the facts as faithfully as possible, so that you can feel some of the mystery, amazement and fear that a brush with the spirit world brings.
Some of these reports come from ghost-hunters, spectre inspectors, spooxperts and psychics-people who spend their days (and nights) actively exploring the paranormal world. But most of the stories come from ordinary people who rarely gave ghosts a second thought. That is, until they met one.

In preparing this book, I read over a thousand reports of ghostly events from all over Australia-strange things that people claim happened to them. I read tales that terrified, others that were hysterically funny, and many that left me mystified. Now you can read some of these tales for yourself.

ISBN 1-86504-826-7

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