Heads for Tales

'Click To Enlarge' As you know, I’m an author and a farmer. But I was once a kid as well. I was a funny little squirt of a thing who was always in trouble at school. For years I wondered why this was so, because I wasn’t a particularly bad boy. I just wasn’t there, if you know what I mean. I was a day-dreamer. I guess my head was somewhere else most of the time. So whenever I was asked a question, I never knew the answer, and I performed miserably in exams. It’s only now, after many years, that I’m at last realising what was really going on. I had a head for tales.As a very young boy I made up stories and adventures long before I got into books. Even as a little kid, I reckon I sort of half-knew that I had a head for tales, though I wasn’t always sure how to make them come out. Books came later, and what they showed me was the importance of words. With the right words you could make your tale come to life, I discovered. You could make it much more powerful. You could spin it out, hold your reader in suspense, shock them, thrill them, make them laugh or cry. Books showed me the power of the word in making my own private world of imagination real for others.In this creative writing kit (CD and Book) I try to show how I generate story ideas, how I develop them and turn them into tales.

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ISBN 1-86504-905-0

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