Stinky – ‘The Tale of a Smelly Dog’

Lucky old Mr and Mrs Hardacre can’t smell very well. If they could, they’d be holding their noses every time they see their little dog, Stinky.

Why? Because Stinky is – I’m afraid there’s no other word for it – she’s stinky.

No matter what she eats (and she eats heaps), her stomach turns it into dreadful gases. And the smells that come out of Stinky are – like I said – stinky.

Imagine what happens when a stinky dog turns up at a Grand Hotel. Imagine what happens when she finds the kitchen with its wonderful rich food. Oh dear, all those fancy people with their noses stuck in the air. They’re in for a dreadful shock.

But that’s only part of Stinky’s adventure. Hang onto your nose and join in the fun. This is high adventure!

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