‘It’s happening,” Mr Norman whispered. “The doorways are opening.”

“What doorways?” Sykie asked.

“Doorways to other worlds. To places beyond here and now. Your imagination is growing wings, and unless I’m very mistaken, you’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Be prepared.”

“For what?”

“For whatever unfolds. Imagination is magic of the mind, and once you fall under its spell, anything can happen.”

Sykie wanted to believe Mr Norman. The thrill of it made her shiver. And yet all those other voices kept telling her to be sensible. “How do you know this?”

Mr Norman smiled. “Believe me, I know. Forget about those other voices. There’s plenty of time to be sensible. Give in to you imagination. Go wherever it takes you.”
Sykie Martin does give in to her imagination and sets off on an adventure to the Isle of Gloomb. Her mission – rescue The Princess.

She travels on the New Leaf, a beautiful white sailing boat, crewed by a bunch of strange characters: an Onion Lord, Mercurio the Cat, Keith the Scotch Terrier and Forgetful Bill the Porcupine, to name but a few.

They are a brave band, ready to fight. But nothing can prepare them for their reception by the evil, foul-mouthed Ratbreath.

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