Eric & Einstein

Eric doesn’t like school. He hates being bullied by Nathan Sharp and his mates. He hates sums and spelling, and answering questions. He especially hates homework, and never does it. That’s why he’s in such trouble with Miss Graymouth. He’s also in trouble with the Headmaster, Mr Growlworthy. Soon he’ll be in trouble with his parents as well. In other words, life’s pretty bad for Eric.

He needs something good to happen.

Einstein is exhausted, about as exhausted as a mouse can get. He has been travelling for thousands of miles, on trucks and trains and planes, to escape the awful Professor von Burpinburger. The mad professor has been experimenting on the little chap, and has implanted a nano-computer in his brain, complete with voice-generating software. The runaway rodent is a mastermind, a genius – an Einstein.

But all his brains can’t save him from the other mice in the pet shop where he has taken refuge. They want to bash him up real bad.

He needs something good to happen, too.

Eric and Einstein. They were meant for each other.

Eric and Einstein. A boy with a mouse. A mouse with a brain.

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