My Dog

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“She doesn’t have a name, my dog. She’s just my dog. Don’t worry, I tell her. We’ll all be together again. Then you can be their dog too. My dog. Their dog. Ours.”  

MyDog.jpg (117681 bytes) This is the story of a young boy called Alija, and his dog. It’s a story of optimism and courage in the face of adversity.

I was so pleased when Andrew McLean agreed to do the illustrations for this book. I think that he has done a wonderful job. (You can see some of his illustrations by clicking below.)

(The original, longer version of My Dog was published first in Touchdown Magazine by the New South Wales Department of Education, and later in the USA by Cricket Magazine.)
MyDog2.jpg (27186 bytes)
for more illustrations from My Dog, CLICK HERE


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